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spell: prove them the fuck wrong

Sometimes I make work for myself. And sometimes I make work because I want to prove that the people who don’t believe in me are WRONG. Every time someone’s doubted my ability to make a career from my art, every time someone has expressed concern about my future, every time someone has told me that I’m fooling myself - I want to prove them wrong by creating, creating, creating.

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how am i, really?

I am in a rut, and today this rut seems endless. While I have moments of clarity, moments where I see the light at the end of the tunnel, these depths swallow me again. I am not depressed. I am truly happy. The life I’ve built around me is nearly perfect. I love where I live, who I live with, and the way I spend my days. But I want to change, to be better, to lean into the things that matter and the things that will better me.

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