spread for manifestation

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How am I feeling about my goal? - SPIDER/WEB

I feel a sense of fear, of being trapped in a situation that looks beautiful on the outside and in the moment, but will lead to eventual downfall. I am afraid it won’t be worth it. I am afraid I’ve trapped myself in a future of debt and money anxiety and shame. But I want so badly to make art and make it my career.

What is the true potential if I manifest this goal? - TIDE

I may end up in a world of ebbs and flows. A life that is constantly unsure and shifting. Tide is asking me if this is worth my time, if this life of uncertainty is what I want. A life that isn’t necessarily comfy or stable, but that is intuitively lived and beautiful nonetheless. Fuck, it’s scary to be a human risking putting her heart out into the world. But I want to do it, and Tide promises me that no matter how many times the ocean leaves me, it’ll come back to kiss my rocky shores again. I have to have faith.

What do I need to release to manifest my goal? - EVERGREEN

I need to release the expectation that every moment should be a conscious act of creation or that all creation should and can only happen when I am feeling ‘'on.” The reality is that I am constantly ready and able to create, and if I just blew past my fear and picked up my pencil, I’d see that more clearly. Evergreen is also about resilience, and pushing through blocks, releasing hesitation, is so important moving forward.

What do I need to create to manifest my goal? - PALM

A sense of victory in how far I’ve come, instead of a sense of fear in how far I have to go. A sense of confidence that I am on the right path. I need to be proud and remember where I began. Pay homage to the girl I used to be by celebrating getting to where I am.

What are my next steps?

5. FIRE - fostering creative drive
6. AIR - clarity/lofty thoughts, cleaning out the mental clutter
7. BIRD - share! Be a messenger of magic! Make art, believe that it will mean something to someone, then share it.

What lesson do I need to master? - CAIRN

Someone has been here before and they turned out okay and people make art and make money doing it. It’s possible and it’s definitely not out of the question. Please let me see this and seek the guidance of the people who’ve done this before. Solitary creation doesn’t always breed expansion.

If I stay committed to my goal, what might I experience over the next 3/6/12 months?

9. SKULL - Deep inner reflectiveness, maybe to a fault. Too much self reflection can lead to stagnation. I need to remember this and MANIFEST.
10. GARDEN - Hopefully, I’ll be seeing the fruits of my labor and inner work.
11. SCALES - Finding BALANCE.

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