spell: prove them the fuck wrong

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Sometimes I make work for myself. And sometimes I make work because I want to prove that the people who don’t believe in me are WRONG. Every time someone’s doubted my ability to make a career from my art, every time someone has expressed concern about my future, every time someone has told me that I’m fooling myself - I want to prove them wrong by creating, creating, creating.

Yeah, it’s healthier to ONLY make art for myself. But I’ve accepted the Scorpio side of me that really wants to make a little noise to prove I’m worthy ;)


+ black tourmaline (protection from negative energies, grounding, keeps you feeling light and capable)

+ tree agate (mental clarity, promoting creativity and cleverness, brings abundance in business and matters of money, perseverance in the face of challenges)

+ black candle 

+ basil (protection, dispelling confusion, fear and weakness, drives off hostile spirits, moving forward despite obstacles, protection from evil)

+ safety pin or needle

+ (optional) seven of wands tarot card




Begin by cleansing your space and creating your circle, giving yourself a comfortable place to focus and set your intentions. Make sure all of your materials are within arm’s reach.

First, anoint your candle and tarot card (if using). Place the card somewhere you can easily see it while working the spell.

Focusing on the intentions of the sigil: I WILL PROVE THEM THE FUCK WRONG, carefully carve the sigil into your black candle with the needle or safety pin. Once carved, surround your candle with your stones and tarot card. Close your eyes and take a moment to set your intention, envisioning yourself succeeding dramatically and publicly.

Snuff your candle and close your circle. Keep this candle nearby and burn it when you need to channel your frustration with the haters into something powerful and creative! Once it’s burned down, place the wick near your workspace or on your altar.

Other ways to use this sigil:

Sigils can be activated in many ways! You can write it on your hand and wash it away slowly. You can trace it into sand and let the waves wash it away. You can draw it in the dirt outside before a rainstorm and let it turn to mud. Drawing it on a piece of paper and burning it/burying it. Focus on the release of this intention into the universe.